Photos: March Word Prompt Charts

My thanks to everyone who’s shared a photo of their March word prompt charts. Once again it’s been so interesting looking at them all, the interpretations, the differences and the similarities. I find myself thinking “that’s my favourite block, no that one, no that one”. Very inspiring!

From Lynn, who’s in the process of moving and said: “I really enjoy these prompts, though this month has been a little crazy.” Hope you’re soon settled in your new home Lynn, with an inspiring art space!

Word Prompts chart March by Lynn
by Lynn

From Eddie, who said: “Lots of interesting words as usual.” Delighted you enjoyed it Eddie, and I look forward to seeing what you do with April’s.

Word Prompts chart March by Eddie
By Eddie New

From Erika, who said: “Cheat, cheat — and repeat! It was so much fun going through my collage-material-box that I couldn’t stop…so this is what came out of it.” Collage is definitely not cheating as far as I’m concerned, Erika, because you’ve still got to decide and select and cut, it’s just another option.

Word Prompts chart March by Erika
By Erika

From Jenny, who said: “Some of these were challenging! My first attempt at wolf rather resembled a pig.” Perhaps it was the wolf who tormented the three little pigs?

Word Prompts chart March by Jenny
By Jenny

From Issie, who said: “Enjoy the monthly project…from New Zealand.” From one side of the world to the other! Glad to hear you enjoyed it Issie.

Word Prompts chart March by Issie
By Issie

From Esther: “It was a lot of fun. I had planned to use watercolour but as the grid was printed on printer paper I used mostly coloured pencils.” I’m pleased you enjoyed doing it Esther. Depending on your printer, you might be able to run a sheet of thin card or watercolour paper through it.

Word Prompts chart March by Esther
By Esther

As to where the photo is of my own chart … urm, well, urm, but, urm… would you believe a sheepdog ate my homework?

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