Photos: My Colours of Spring Exhibition

My “Colours of Spring” solo exhibition has opened at Inchmore Gallery near Inverness, accompanied by new chainmaille jewellery by Alistair, and work by Shelagh J Ceramics and Namdoog Ceramics. Here are some snapshots I took yesterday (better photos of the larger paintings on my website here). If you’re interested in any painting, please contact Jane at Inchmore directly.

Inchmore Colours of Spring Exhibition Majestic Minch
This large seascape is also at Inchmore, plus a few of my flower paintings.

2 Replies to “Photos: My Colours of Spring Exhibition”

  1. The April 9th post of your paintings is absolutely lovely.
    I’m very much an amateur artist, a transplant from England
    to the U.S. It’s a breath of fresh air to receive your posts.

    1. Thank you Kathleen! It’s the first time I’ve seen all those paintings together side by side, and I love the arrangement Jane of Inchmore did.

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