Photos: My Snow Day

Woke up to a world of white, to the view being transformed into almost monochrome, shades of “interesting whites”. And silence as the wind has dropped. After giving the studio cats breakfast and putting the kettle on, I went out to enjoy that crunch-crunch of snow underfoot. Friends who lives in latitudes where you sit in snow for months will have to indulge my excitement as it’s rare for me to have it at garden level.

Looking northwest towards Camus Mor
Wider angle on the same view
Looking west
These pawprints most likely belong to Buffycat, who likes to be outside in all weathers
The sea turns the most beautiful colours under snow showers; this photo doesn’t do the blues and turquoises justice. A real-life Mark Rothko colourfield in blues.
Guess it snowed from the west last night.
Bracken is such a beautiful colour this time of year.
Creeping thyme

7 Replies to “Photos: My Snow Day”

  1. Looks SO beautiful Marion….. I love the snow but we seem to get less each year where we live. I always get very excited when it snows🤗

  2. I enjoyed your photos, thank you.
    I appreciate all your teachings.
    Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year!

  3. Snow is certainly a novelty for those not accustomed to seeing or experiencing it, and it can be beautiful, along with freezing rain that coats everything and then sparkles magically like a fantasy world in the next day’s bright sunlight. But walking, driving and shoveling it is another matter, entirely, never mind trying to ride a bicycle! After putting up with it for 45 years, we now live in Montgomery, Alabama- about the only snow we see here is in the freezer….

    1. Don’t think I would live here if it weren’t for the Gulf Stream mitigating the snow! It’s just enough to be lovely for a bit, then melts.

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