Photos: Rock Watching, Again

The location: Camus Mor, Isle of Skye (again)
The time: Mid-afternoon, low tide (felt like it was the lowest I’ve seen the tide here)
Supposed to be doing: Painting some magnificent seascape in oils (always approach a painting with optimism!)
Actually doing: Being distracted by the patterns in the rocks and listening to the waves (never gets old)

Black and grey and yellow and green and blue
I didn’t get a photo with a “nice wave” crashing on the shore, so you’ll have to imagine it
Didn’t get very far with this painting; will try again another day
Not the eyes of a monster trapped in the concrete
Built vs Nature
I see your dark cracks and raise you a thin white stripe

3 Replies to “Photos: Rock Watching, Again”

  1. The ultra-low tide (because of the full moon) seems to change the character of the cliff, making it seem heavier somehow. I love the crinkly old crocodile skin rocks ?

    1. I sporadically check the tides along with the weather but haven’t been at this spot on the low point of spring tide before. Must definitely seek it out again though, as all the exposed shore rock was beautiful.

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