Photos: On the Ferry on a Sunny Hebridean Spring Day

Yesterday I caught the ferry from Uig to Tarbert to deliver a painting, being met at the terminal because the ferry turns around rapidly, 20 minutes between scheduled arrival and departure. It was a nary-a-cloud-in-the-sky day with glorious sunshine, albeit wish-I’d-remembered-my-gloves cold.

This is the painting:

SOLD. “Neighbourhood Watch” 60x80cm

5 Replies to “Photos: On the Ferry on a Sunny Hebridean Spring Day”

  1. I live in northwest Alabama in the U.S. and have to make a 7 hour journey to get to the nearest shoreline. I would love to live near the ocean. I’m working on a seascape right now that’s a composite of memory and photos. Thanks for the pics, takes me on a sea journey even though I’m sorta land locked.

    1. Seven hours from the sea? That’s decidedly land locked! I always wanted to live with a sea view, and then one day I did. Maybe you will too some day!

  2. Marion…I love the strong light and colors. It was especially interesting to hear you name the colors… very awesome, almost felt like I was there with you, feeling the sunshine and cool air and hearing the water splashing below! Thanks for sharing..

    1. The light was mesmerising, and the sky was so clear. Feels like spring has truly arrived. Glad you enjoyed the photos!

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