Photos: Word Prompt Charts for April

Once again, my thanks to everyone who’s shared their word prompt charts this month. So many inspiring drawings, ideas and connections! I set myself the challenge to choose just one favourite — not easily done — and think it’s Eddie’s blank sheet of paper for 30 Nightmare, something most of us will have had at one time of another! But it’s a close thing with all the responses to insomnia. (Post a comment and let me know which would be your choice.)

From Issie, who said: “Had to really sit and pull some strands out of the hat with a few…. But as always really enjoyed working on the project.

April word prompt chart by Issie
by Issie

From Eddie, who said: “Some challenging concepts in there but all fun to do.

April word prompt chart by Eddie
by Eddie

From Tessa, who said: “I’ve made more use of black and white this time using a fine tipped black pen with touches of colour from fibre tip pens or watercolour. I have used Pixabay images for any that I don’t have my own photos for or aren’t objects that are to hand eg the anteater! Pixabay is useful for copyright free images. I got behind (busy week) and did the last five this morning.

“Amelie, my grand daughter (age 6) saw mine and did her own version. ppl means people. She loved my glittery pen that writes silver and red at the same time.”

April word prompt chart by Tessa
by Tessa
April word prompt chart by Amelie
by Amelie

From Jenny, who said: “Enjoyed the prompts!

April word prompt chart by Jenny
by Jenny

From Vanessa, who said: “Another month done! I am glad I made it, because I struggled a bit this time. Looking forward to see all the other drawings.

April word prompt chart by Vanessa
by Vanessa

From Gail, who said: “Had lots of fun with it. Really enjoyed the animals!

April word prompt chart by Gail
by Gail

From Jerry, who said: “Doing this everyday gets to be a habit! Thanks!

April word prompt chart by Margaret
by Jerry

From Margaret, who said: “I had trouble with the pine cone (24) — looks more like a bonfire ready to light so I thought a few pine needles may help — maybe not?. Showing this to a friend she was quite surprised with the zebra (19) and is now wondering how my mind works. I have to admit that I did try a zebra (as in the animal) and couldn’t get it to look right so settled for the crossing. Looks like no 16 Crossing for the May word prompt may already have been done!

April word prompt chart by Gail
by Margaret

And mine, which I did using coloured pencil. 29 Middle was definitely influenced by my recent flight to London. 18 Walrus was erased because it was looking like a zombie-walrus nightmare creature.

April word prompt chart by Marion
by Marion

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If you haven’t yet printed it out, here’s May’s chart.

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