Photos: Word Prompt Charts for November

Another month of intriguing and imaginative drawings in response to the word prompts! My thanks to Tessa, Eddie and Margaret for sharing your creativity and tenacity.

Tessa’s chart. I love how dancing (19) extends into the other blocks, extending the joy of dancing across rigid lines.
Word Prompt Drawings

From Eddie: “Here is my attempt for this month. Some were quite challenging but all were fun.” I love the black ink used in (2) and (3) for the sense of smoke, making my mind wonder whether it was the candle that caused the fire that led to the smoke. I think my favourite is (13) camouflage though, as it made me look really closely!
Word Prompt Drawings

From Margaret: “I think my rabbit (28) is off on an adventure. Deliberately went carton like on the fire engine (4) and steam train (17). Took some time to come up with the idea for the reflective (14) but felt very clever when I did.”
Word Prompt Drawings November
I agree, Margaret, an inspired and clever 14! I hadn’t realised the potential at all when I created the grid. I also love Rabbit (28) + Several (27).

There’s still time to get started with December’s chart!

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