September Painting Project Submission: Portree Harbour in Continuous Line

All that fabulous perspective so let’s make it a bit more difficult by doing it with (almost) continous line,” laughed Cathi when she told me about her painting of this month’s project. “My painting totally supports the theory that you don’t need to be completely accurate to get a feel for the place.”

Cathi continued: “I lost count of the doors and windows, and drew a line at including all the cars! Superb fun doing it. Not sure whether to add a suggestion of the colours in the buildings or not. Think I probably will add just a hint of colour.

My response was that I love how it poetically captures the feeling of the location, pulling my eye along the dance of doors and windows up and around. Poetry in line. And at no point does it make me feel like I want to count the doors and windows to check it against reality; it feels right.

Whether it wants a touch of colour or not is is tricky decision, because it’s beautiful as it is, yet the colour is so part of this location that how can one not? Maybe use watercolour, then you could lift or lighten the colour easily (except for staining pigments).

Cathi decided she would add colour, sending me a new photo saying: “The sketch paper I used grabs the colour,  unforgiving, but for a sketch I like it.

The next day Cathi sent me another photo, as she’d decided to “make the greens darker so the houses pop out more.

I think it works really well. I also like the negative space of the sky and sea, the former being delineated by a near-constant line, the latter broken up by that dancing line that tells us there’s water in the foreground. It’s also inspired me and made me wonder why I haven’t tackled this with continuous line yet. Thanks Cathi!

2 Replies to “September Painting Project Submission: Portree Harbour in Continuous Line”

  1. Comment posted on behalf of Eddie: “I love the fresh look of this picture which is totally recognisable and evokes warm memories of being in Portree.”

  2. It does look total recognizable and must have taken a good bit of effort drawing all those bldgs. and windows. I like just the hint of colors in the bldgs. and using watercolors. Very nice rendition of Sept. project

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