October’s Painting Project: The Tall Sunflower

Dig out your yellows and start thinking about all those different greens, you’ll need them for this month’s project (unless you go monochrome or strongly expressionist). The subject is this tall sunflower I encountered in a friend’s garden.

Style and medium are up to you. For me the starting point would be composition: will it be a tall vertical format or more standard proportions, or perhaps square. Will or won’t there be a background? And which way will the sunflower head be facing?


If you’d like help and/or feedback on your painting, this is available to my project subscribers via Patreon. Have fun, and remember to send me a photo of your painting for inclusion in the project gallery for us all to enjoy.

This is my favourite painting of mine this sunflower so far, mixed media on a concertinaed bit of watercolour paper. See The Sunflower Part 1 and Part 2.

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