Practice Being Spontaneous in Your Painting

A friend’s comment about a painting she considered oveworked was that she needed “more practice in spontaneity”. It reminded me of “appearing effortless”, how what a painting looks like doesn’t necessarily reflect what went into its making.

It wants to look freely created without struggle or second-guessing, not laboured and repainted and rethought and reworked, but that’s not to say it was. Nor does it reflect all the other paintings that went before it.

Sponteniety does increase with practice, with having stronger muscle memory (aka practice), with a larger repertoire of marks and mediums (aka choices) to draw (pun intended) from.

Even so, practice doesn’t magically make perfect.

Practice makes perfect in art

2 Replies to “Practice Being Spontaneous in Your Painting”

  1. Hi Marion,

    I like all three for the looseness but its so refreshing to have you share things you are not happy with!!
    Thank you for being ‘human’ and inspiring the rest of us to keep going!


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