Prices of Marion’s Paintings

This list will give you an idea of the prices of my paintings. Please contact the gallery that holds a particular painting directly; they will also be able to quote you for shipping costs.

Commissions are similarly priced, as are any paintings I have in my studio and those featured on my blog that haven’t yet been earmarked for a particular gallery or exhibition.

15x15cm (6×6″) and 15x20cm (6×7″) from £49
30x30cm (11×11″) from £175
50x50cm (19×19″) from £395
50x100cm (19×39″) from £495
75x75cm (29×29″) from £575
100x100cm (39×39″) from £695

Shipping costs depend on where it’s going, but a small painting sent airmail tracked from Scotland to USA is about £25 and a large painting sent by courier between £150 and £250 (less if it’s rolled up for shipping).