Project Photo Gallery: Found & Visual Poems

April’s project was something quite different, and it’s been heartening to receive comments about how much it’s been enjoyed and the directions it’s taken people. Here’s an assortment, starting with blackout poems and moving onto more visual. Enjoy!

By Eddie: “Not so much a poem as a progress report.”
By Amanda: “I enjoyed it I may remove more words but I will go onto page 2 next I may also try with a newspaper or magazine page.”
By Amanda
By Issie: “Really enjoyed the challenge. Kept it in black and white. People with dementia only have a bit of light filtering through the darkness.”
By Lorraine: “Really enjoyed this exercise and find myself doing it all the time when reading articles has lots of possibilities.”
By Lorraine
By Lorraine
By Cathi: “I do like it but I think it is quite dark and a bit depressing.”

whispered voices / tested on tongues /
applied improbably chance / in a different weight /
The night closed over / swollen membranes /
in out / the breath of the river
By Cathi
By Mungo, from a Terry Pratchett book:

straining sales / the roar of the wind /
the burst of electric storm light / cold light /
My lord? /
The captain looked terrified /
fizzing tongues / edged with blackness /
wizards magic
By Chrissie:

Tons of blossom / pigeons quietly pick asparagus /
I am going to go and compost food / Oh well /
It was quite a socially distanced / chap on the door
Pacman desperately / holding their breath as they / Organised /
how many days should pass before we know / the worst day
the snake wrapping more than half way /
Inside perspex shields /
and gates at each end /
I have been trawling and even tiny mills have no flour
By Cathi: I have had fun; not going to win prizes but I do hope it makes you smile.

The sheep year starts
When the tups go out
Balancing things
Looking around
Usually I appreciate what surrounds
They make me smile
Singing and
Chattering, especially at dawn and dusk
All signs of a balanced ecosystem
By Sarah: The monthly project took me to some usual feelings and places starting off with Simon and Garfunkels “The Sounds of Silence”.
By Sarah:

And finally, a page of daily word prompt drawings from Amanda (you’ll find the downloadable templates here):

From Marion: Looking at 5, I guess we all now know your favourite food!

This one of mine I’ve called “Pep Talk to Self”:
good good your idea / go for it
mind hand / fresh vital
artistic expression / artistic feeling
beautiful person / witty brilliant
right / great / fearlessly going

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