Project Photo Gallery for November & December

Being a bit late with November’s painting project photo gallery, I thought I’d be a bit early with Decembers and do them together. Enjoy!

By Mark: “A great challenge!”
From Marion: “Delighted you enjoyed it. Lovely painterly result.”
By Cathi
By Bee: “A very quick pastel with some felt tip pen”.
By Eddie
By Erika: “I felt so intrigued by the wall behind the buoy and also the foreground, all fun to do with drywall paste. But then, after having fun, artistic disaster struck. I wanted to keep this very minimalistic but nothing seemed to work. What we see here, is not the end result. I messed up so royally that I didn’t want to take a picture of it.”

From Marion: “Thanks for sharing the photo of it at this stage Erika. Whilst you may not have got a result you were pleased about, I always find it intriguing where your imagination leads you, and I know others do too, as you’re able to take it to regions we can only dream of getting!”
By Eddie, oils 16×12”.
By Bee: oil painting
By Bee, watercolour
By Mark

These are my two paintings:

By Marion, mixed media, A2 size. The photo is a bit dark and a bit bluer than in real life.
By Marion, mixed media, A2 size. You’ll also see I’ve a new pair of studio shoes, as yet without any paint on them.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s projects, and a special thank you to those who’ve shared photos of their paintings for us all to enjoy and project subscribers on Patreon. Here’s to 2021 being another creative year for us together!

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