My Recipe for Artistic Happiness

Recipe for artistic happiness:

  1. Skye
  2. Sunshine
  3. Sea
  4. Sketchbook
  5. Stick
  6. Some black ink.
    (And not spilling any of ink on myself, for once.)

Headed to the north of Trotternish, sat in the sun admiring a favourite view, listening to the sea lapping on the shore. Ice cream enjoyed, I opened my sketchbook, stared out a bit more, then did a few sketches. It’s a location I want to paint again, because the sweep of the bay is so appealing, along with the colours of the rocky shore, the little bit of sand at low tide, the mainland mountains in the distance, the colours of the croftland. (“Two Croft Houses” is the studio painting that developed from this spot previously.)

Ink and Stick Sketching on Skye Scotland
Ink and Stick Sketching
Pen Sketching Skye
Pen sketch
Watercolour and Pen Sketching
A little watercolour added to pen sketch
Ink and Stick Sketching Isle of Skye
Black ink, stick, and waterbrush. This is my favourite from the afternoon.

3 Replies to “My Recipe for Artistic Happiness”

  1. Wonderful – I think I’ll have to visit Skye again. I found the islands such an inspiration as you so obviously do. Any sea eagles whilst you were sketching?

  2. Hi, Marion! Such a lovely vew! Your recipe fits me perfectly! My inspiration waits me on heights and valleys of Kopetdagh mountains with their numerous misterious Holly places… These trips resulted in my large (82 paintings) solo exhibition, organized by the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan this summer. ( )
    A week after the opening I was in the mountains again. So now upon outdoor hiking studies and reference photos processing I am dancing along a huge self-made easel, painting 2×3 m landscape. Such a new experience!

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