Remember the Little Yellow Tree Painting?

Remember the painting with the little yellow tree on the riverbank that had been in “pondering mode” for some time (see Does This Painting Need More Sunshine)? Well, it stayed in pondering mode until last week. In the end I did very little too it, only adding some extra white to the river. I found that as the days got longer and mid-winter darkness receded, the painting revealed more and more colour, and it was indeed nearly finished.

Now all it needs is a title; I’m hearing “The Little Tree That Could” in my head for not-quite fathomable reasons, but think that something like “Flowing Past” would be a better fit for my “Flow” exhibition. Any suggestions? But please not “A River Flows Through It”; when I worked as sub-editor at Getaway travel magazine photojournalists loved that almost as much as the word “experience” (as in “dining experience”, “bush experience”, “4×4 experience”).

Here’s a photo of the painting overall, and below that a detail that’s about lifesize (click on it to see the photo bigger).

Yellow Tree: Flowing Past painting
Size: Size 1x1m.
Detail from Yellow Tree: Flowing Past
Detail from “the little yellow tree” painting

5 Replies to “Remember the Little Yellow Tree Painting?”

  1. Hey Marion, I find it really interesting that the returning light of spring exposed more of the colour that was already there in this painting. I wonder how it would be for you to see Nine Trees, for example, in the light of Australia? I know that a photo wouldn’t capture it, because of the losses we’ve already canvassed [!] involved with reproduction… Which raises the question- can we ever see the same painting the same way? In the same vein as “you can’t step twice into the same river?”

    Interestingly, when I Googled to try and get that quote right, there was a lot about flow on the Wikiquote page:

    1. I hope that one day I will see “Nine Trees” in the light ‘Down Under’! I agree, we don’t see paintings the same, because our eyes react to light differently, and the light in different places is different. The impact of light quality is greater on a painting done with layers, with thin glazes of colour suspended one on top of another, so what you see does vary, especially with side light vs direct. It’s also one of the qualities of a painting that can’t be reproduced in a print or photo.

  2. I’m terrible at coming up with creative names for paintings, but it reminds me of camping trips. Sometimes the early morning sun would peek between the mountains, casting a beam of light on nature’s star for the day. It makes me want to load my camping gear in the car and head out. I do like the addition of the water flowing past the rocks. Very nice finish.

  3. I have missed you! I’ve not painted for several years, due to more reasons than can be expressed. Mostly because my inspiration left me. Now that I’ve decided to paint again I looked you up. I love your little yellow tree! Very inspirational. I am sad to learn that you no longer do the Monthly painting projects. Just my luck to come back to painting when you are no longer doing the projects. These monthly painting projects and your comments have inspired me in the past. Jane Kolbaska

    1. It can be hard to find the time amidst the demands of life, but even if you’re not painting yourself, looking at art is good for the soul too.

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