Setting Up My Stand at Patchings Art Festival 2016

I’m in Nottingham for the 2016 Patchings Art Festival, my stand is all set up and ready for tomorrow and the four days of festival. (And the answer to a question I’m sure will be asked several times: it’s about 500 miles.) Had a little wander around the paintings marquee, and looking forward to doing so again when everyone’s set up and exploring the other sections. Though whether going into the art materials section is wise or not remains to be seen, not least because Rosemary & Co have a stand. Wonderful to see paintings in real life rather than only photos on the internet, especially by artists whose blogs I read already.

On arrival, the bare tables and backing board. I opted for a wooden floor because I’ve stood in soggy grass at craft fairs before and it’s not pretty; though the problem with weather today was the opposite as it was sweltering.

The Beginning: Arriving at my Stand at Patchings Art Festival 2016

Three hours later and I’m all set up and ready for action, complete with sales assistant (my Mum, who fortunately thinks coming to an art festival is an interesting extra to her holiday). The canvas on my demonstrating easel has a composition of Coral Beach on it, with dried texture paste. On my stand I have a stash of the poster for my “Interlude” exhibition which opens at Skyeworks Gallery on 4th July), catalogues, my new “Painter’s Pocket Muse” book, small wirework sheep and a few wirework brooches, sheep paintings, coasters, tablemats, mugs, earring cards, prints and cards, plus three large Minch seascape paintings.

My Stand at Patchings Art Festival 2016

Stand all set up for Patchings festival 2016

Back of my Stand at Patchings Art Festival 2016
Back of my stand.

From the Entrance: My Stand at Patchings Art Festival 2016

4 Replies to “Setting Up My Stand at Patchings Art Festival 2016”

  1. What a SUPERB display Marion. Your mom looks like she is really enjoying this and must be very proud of you. But tell me…how did you manage to travel 500 miles with all that products (especially that humongous painting!) Let me guess….rented a sheep transport trailer perhaps?

    1. Thank you! My Mum’s been enjoying the event thoroughly. Trying to get everything into the car I did think about the advantages of a trailer! I packed only a few of each thing, in plastic crates, then it’s fold down the back seat and playing a bit of a Tetris game to get it packed (the in-house art critic is a great help with this). Paintings lie on top, wrapped in bubble.

  2. Hello Marion,
    Your stand and work look wonderful. Was there a large crowd? I am in Ohio..

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