Fresh Off My Easel: A New Sheep Painting Called “Heather Weather”

Looking at this painting and my recent W.I. Committee sheep painting, it would seem that my palette has undergone a shift into lilacs and purples, with warm undertones of magenta and orange. (Well, at least as far as my sheep paintings are concerned; I’ve also been painting sunflowers in strong yellows and black.)

Sheep Painting: "Heather Weather" by Marion Boddy-Evans
“Heather Weather”. 100x100cm

This detail is from the bottom right-hand corner.




2 Replies to “Fresh Off My Easel: A New Sheep Painting Called “Heather Weather””

  1. ?? I love the deeper bluer colors. Fun to see the colors evolve. Like the seasons. Or the moon. Nothing stays the same. Always changing. Moving. Evolving. On and on … ?

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