Sketching at Bow Fiddle Rock (On the North Sea Coast Part 2)

Looking at these photos you need to add a soundtrack of gulls and shags and wind. I came here several times, sketching in different mediums, struggling against tendency to straighten and shorten the ‘leg’. Most mornings I had it to myself. At low tide you can walk almost to the rock without getting your feet wet. One afternoon, at high tide, there were three women who swam out to it, without wetsuits.

Photos: On the North Sea Coast (Part 1)

One Reply to “Sketching at Bow Fiddle Rock (On the North Sea Coast Part 2)”

  1. I like the negative space one… and the oil pastels too. The rock rather reminds me of an elephant; probably because of my
    African background where braaivleis and boeremusiek are in swing and not chamber music.

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