Snow Day Word Prompt Drawing

If you’ve been anywhere near the UK news you’ll have heard little other than the blizzard conditions (aka The Beast from the East) that’s hit most areas (not Skye though, where there’s a lot of muir burning happening). Margaret has shared her word prompt drawings, saying:

As I’m inside surrounded by snow, I found myself printing the March grid and quite enjoying thinking up ideas. As its only the 2nd March, I reached for February’s grid and have had a pleasurable time this morning with my pens and coloured pencils filling this in. I wonder what our grids may tell people about us. I’m thinking a wannabe poker player (20 chips) with a supportive friend (14 friend) who likes club sandwiches (28 sandwiches). No 15 under the oak is definitely my favourite oak tree (the Wharton oak). I’ll do some more self analysis at the end of March.”

February Word Prompts by Margaret

When I created March’s chart, I found myself thinking more sequentially through the days, so to mere there’s a greater connection. But we’ll see at the end of the month. Thanks for sharing your grid Margaret, and I hope the snow clears soon and lets spring arrive.

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