SOLD: Edges of Cuillin & Skye

Two large paintings from my Edges series have sold in the past week.

Edge of the Cuillin is headed towards Oxford with a family who each had other paintings they liked too but all agreed on this one. I happened to be in Skyeworks when they came in (I do occasional days besides my regular Saturdays on the desk) and it was a joy showing them, and talking about, various paintings.

Edge of the Cuillin  painting by Marion Boddy-Evans
Edge of the Cuillin

Edge of Skye, which is being bought through Skyeworks Gallery’s Piece by Piece scheme, will be heading not quite so far south in a few months. It’s being bought by someone who visits Skye regularly and always comes into the gallery for a look and a chat. I’m thrilled this is where this painting is going.

Edge of Skye painting by Marion Boddy-Evans
Edge of Skye

4 Replies to “SOLD: Edges of Cuillin & Skye”

  1. I like both your paintings very much. I find ‘Edge of the Cuillin’ extraordinary, the sea beautiful and foreboding at the same time. Marion you’re such an inspiration to get into that paint and go for it.

    1. Juanita, paint with a brush at least twice the size of the one you initially pick up for the first few rounds with a composition… amazing things can happen!

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