Sold: North Shore

Celebrating the sale of this large tree painting which is dominated by an unusual blue — for me — ultramarine rather than Prussian. It was sold at Skyeworks Gallery and will be heading to Zurich. I’ve found my fingers itching to paint trees again recently; it’s that time of year when the trunks stand out starkly as leaves are shed and the ground becomes golden-brown. And of course I’ve recently driven between Skye and Fort William, a journey filled with so many beautiful trees, from thin silver stems to majestic oaks.

North Shore forest painting by landscape artist Marion Boddy-Evans Skye Scotland
“North Shore”
100x100cm Sold

Detail: North Shore

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  1. Beautiful painting. I’m so pleased it’s going to a new home. I’ve noticed you are recently using different blue hues. Ultramarine works so well against those golden tree trunks.

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