Starting January: Monthly Painting Projects

monthly painting projectsA shoutout to everyone who’s asked me about regular painting projects! Starting January, that’s next week, I’m going to be doing a monthly painting project with one of my reference photos as the inspiration.

The description of the project and access to the photo will be free to all my readers, published on my website blog. At the end of each month, you’re invited to email a photo of your painting for inclusion in a photo gallery for us all to enjoy.

If you become a project patron via Patreon (a membership site that enables you to support artists) you will get access to exclusive extra content for each month’s project, plus the option of a short critique of your painting should you wish. Critiques can either be by email or in the community section of my Patreon page.

Access to the project patron content is US$10 a month, about £8.50 (plus VAT where applicable which the Patreon site adds automatically). If you are already a patron at a level above $10 a month, you will automatically get access. If you are already a patron but at a level below this or had opted to not receive rewards, you can edit/change your pledge to get this new tier.

Any questions, do email me or post a comment below. Here’s to some fun painting together in 2019!

Painting from reference photos by Marion Boddy-Evans

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