Studio Cat Help

Studio cat Ghost has been helping me with the ‘admin’ side of getting ready for my exhibition at Skyeworks, all the things that need to be done besides the ‘fun’ bit (creating the paintings vs painting edges, varnishing, adding d-rings and wire, photos, price list etc). His favourite role is photography assistant, providing the white for checking contrast.

Studio Cat and Roses Painting

3 Replies to “Studio Cat Help”

  1. Ghost obviously takes great pride in his role as assistant and knows he’s #1 on the value scale! I think he would be honored to have his portrait done (or perhaps you already have done so? )! Gorgeous pet! I love cats.

    1. A painting I did of Ghost recently using fluid black and white, which was the first of him I was totally pleased with, was claimed by the in-house art critic for his personal collection!

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