Sunny Summer Skye Sketching

I spent yesterday sketching in the sunshine at various locations on the north of the Trotternish Peninsula. Starting at that favourite of spots, the slipway at Camus Mor, looking westwards, towards the rocky shore and cliffs:
Skye  Sketching: Camus Mor

Then north a bit, to a viewpoint looking towards the ruins of Duntulm Castle. When the tide is out, the distant part of the shore is flat slabs of rock rather than pebbles.Skye  Sketching: Duntulm Castle

Then round to Staffin beach, sitting where I could see the river running into the sea:
Skye  Sketching: Staffin

Watched, as ever, by some munching sheep:
Skye  Sketching: Staffin Sheep

Then over the Quiraing to a viewpoint overlooking Uig/Idigrill, focusing on the sea and distant cliffs(but just look at all those variations of green!):
Skye  Sketching: Overlooking Uig

And for those interested, a photo of what I was using. My palette with Sennelier watercolours (which I love for the saturated colour but are honey-based and in the hot sunshine it’s crucial to keep the palette flat or the paint seeps out of their allocated slots making a sticky mess!), water container, pencil box with black pen, pencil, few watersoluble coloured pencils, and brushes that fit into it. Not shown: bottle with clean water for both me and rinsing my brushes. Also not shown: quite a few less satisfactory resolved sketches!
Sketching art supplies

3 Replies to “Sunny Summer Skye Sketching”

  1. I have loved your examples including photo and sketch about your painting plen air. Also that you show us your tools. I like your palette with covers, How is it called? to try to buy it for me because I have one with a lid but as the wells of the pigments are distributed on both sides you cannot close it because the fluid pigments would mix. and if it is left open they dry.

    1. Mercedes, It’s a “Frank Herring palette”; there’s also a half-pan version. I bought mine from Jacksons. Do need to ensure that paints in the mixing areas are dry (or wiped off) before folding up, and that it’s kept flat if the colours are wet, but I like it!

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