Searching Intensively for Cauliflowers

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I never delve very far into the data that my WordPress website software collects automatically (via though inedible “cookies”), because, you know, only so many hours in a day and I’d rather be painting or writing. But I do look at what words people have used on search engines that have led them to my website because I find it intriguing. (And before you jump into the search box on my site with weird search strings, these aren’t included in the stats, only those in search engines such as Google that have led to someone clicking across to my website.)

Excluding anything with my name, here’s a list from this year, starting with those that seem to be looking for homework answers:

  • ____________ is the inclusion of the same or like elements in a composition art
  • what is your first impression on the painting of van gogh impressionism
    (leading to this article)
  • list the elements of composition
  • three parts of composition in space are?
  • drawing composition odd vs even
    (see my rule of odds)

Paint manufacturers ought to take note that there are numerous about broken paint tubes and caps:

  • ways to save oil paint if it breaks
  • how to repackage broken paint tubes
  • how to perserve acrylic paint with no cap
  • cap of my oil paint broke
    (you’ll find my tips here)

Some are looking for techniques and how-tos,

Getting quite specific on occasion:

One puzzled me until I did the search myself and discovered it was a Monday Motivator:

Some I know didn’t give the person the information desired because they weren’t after the art meanings of words:

  • what is the compostion of gorse

Whatever you’re looking for, do remember that you’re welcome to email me and ask directly. It’s not bothering me, it’s not wasting my time, I’m not too busy (which isn’t to say you’ll get an instant response), and it’s not a stupid question.

I have also created a Q&A section on my new Discord forum/message board here. I know, it’s yet another thing to join and learn to navigate, but back when I wrote the forum was a friendly, safe place to ask and share, and I made many friends, so I’m going to see if 2021 is the year we rediscover the joys of a message board. At the moment I’ve just poked around at the written aspects of Discord, but there are also video and voice options. Fingers crossed that my fibre broadband connection does indeed happen in January so I can start exploring these.

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  1. This was really interesting… I know I’ve found things on the internet that I didn’t even know I was looking for! Thanks for sharing… :)

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