Thanks Ma!

It’s Mother’s Day in the UK, which entails squishy sentiments, flowers and chocolates. My Ma is all the squishy stuff, and then some. She may never have instilled her love for laboratory chemistry in me, but the many things I did get include curiosity, a love for reading and finding out, to knit and sew (by machine, not hand), paints/paper and letting me put up art exhibitions in the house, pyromania, cheating at board games, choosing a road simply because you haven’t yet been along it, going to see what was over the next hill, to laugh at yourself, and to prioritise coffee and cake.

That’s my Ma on the right, and her sister on the left. Edinburgh Castle above, Eilean Donan below. Neither shot was posed.

3 Replies to “Thanks Ma!”

  1. How wonderful! Happy mother’s day to your mother and all mothers. Great tribute😊
    Ps. I have a cat t-shirt like the one your mother has but in purples and colors.

  2. How wonderful. I lost my Ma a long time ago but can so totally identify with Mama love. You are so fortunate!!

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