The One That Won’t Swim Away

This little painting of a goldfish on a gold background was supposed to be for the fish-themed exhibition opening on Thursday* at Skyeworks Gallery. It’d been sitting on my studio table for a while waiting for me to paint an eye, which required me to get over my “I’m going to ruin it” hesitation. No sooner had I done it — and I somehow got it right first time — and had just said to myself “I think this is one for me”, than the in-house art critic came in. He took a look, then said: “Let’s put it on the wall next to Morag’s cat.” So it’s going to be “one that didn’t get away”.

Goldfish on Gold Painting

*If you’re hereabouts, do join us for the exhibition opening at 6pm for Bubbles & Bait. Skyeworks will be open Easter Sunday too, and I’ll be on gallery duty Saturday and Sunday.

Goldfish on Gold Painting

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