The Social Media Studio Photo vs Reality

Organised and uncluttered, everything in its place, plenty of white space, surface area to my heart’s content. Judicious cropping of photos can make my studio seem this way.

Like this photo of new-to-me Daniel Smith watercolour colours bought at Patchings Art Festival just put into a tin:

Or this slightly wider shot showing the painting I’ve been doing with mostly these colours, based on a shot of the Trotternish Ridge in my reference-photo booklet.

A photo of where I’ve left the painting to dry so I can add another layer to it, gently hints of things happening beyond the edges:

In reality I inevitably clutter up my work surface as I play with different materials and pieces, and end up squeezing a sheet of paper in. Multiple options to hand allow me to swap between watercolour, coloured pencil and acrylic ink at whim, feeding my current mixed media enjoyment. White surface space will reappear next Blue Moon tidy up.

What about you? Tidy or chaotic or a bit of both?

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