This Week: Life Line Exhibition and Workshop Planning

A mixture of moments from my week.

The Life Lines online group exhibition curated by Fife Contemporary is now live. Thank you to friends and family who attended the online opening, and to all involved. Take a look at my work here… All my paintings are for sale, including the concertina sketchbooks; email me and I will let you know the details. Some are on my website with prices, but not all (yet).

I wrote out a plan for my “Expressive Scotland” workshop at Higham Hall next week, mixing things up to keep it fresh for myself and participants who’ve done workshops with me before. My next issue was deciphering it as I typed it up into a daily plan, but it’s done now and I have test-driven the new activities to try to ensure the instructions work for what I have in mind.

Studio cat Juanita waiting for the rain from Storm Babet to stop, and demonstrating how powerful backlighting can be. Fortunately we were on the edges of the storm, though it was still very wet and windy.

I became a curtain-twitcher when a neighbour had fancy new “tractor” delivered. But not that curious that I went out in the rain for a closer look.

The mail-order bouquet a very special friend in Australia sent has had me colour mixing in my head, both the red-oranges of the big roses and the white versus not-quite-white carnations. Or is that cool white vs warm white? Thank you again, you-know-who-you-are!

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