Photos: Spot My Paintings in the Time & Tide Charity Art Exhibition

A week in, about half of the paintings have been sold in Skyeworks Gallery’s “Time & Tide” 2017 charity exhibition, supporting Scottish Autism. A big thank you to everyone!

You can view all the paintings on Skyeworks’ website or on Facebook page, which has the advantage that you can add a like to your favourites and easily message the gallery if you’d like one of the still-available paintings.

The paintings are all the same size (10x10inches or 25x25cm) and same price (?85, of which the artist gets ?50 unless they choose to donate this). The exhibition is anonymous so you find out who the artist is only after you’ve bought it. There are paintings by full-time and part-time artists, occasional artists and first-time exhibitors. Last I looked, not all of my submissions had been sold yet, though you’ll have to guess which these are, I’m not telling. (In the photos, white dots are for favourite, red dot indicates sold.)

I’m particularly delighted that three paintings created by workshop participants have sold, including these two:
Paintings sold at 2017 Skyeworks Gallery charity exhibition by workshop participants

These are photos of my paintings that have sold.

Impasto seascape painting by Marion Boddy-Evans
A little different for me as it’s mostly wet-on-wet Impasto (thick paint). Applied with knife and brush. A bit of finer brushwork once it had dried, plus some inadvertent semi-opaque bubbles on the sea where I wiped off some white.
No, your eyes are not deceiving you, there is a shiny coppery undercolour to this seascape.

Yellow vase and sunflowers painting by Marion Boddy-Evans

And something rather different, that had its beginnings as a demo piece in a workshop and then took on a life of its own. It’s weird and wacky, but I like this. I very nearly kept it for myself.

weird sheep painting by Marion Boddy-Evans

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