4 Replies to “Two for Tuesday”

  1. Love them. Wish I’d bought one at patchings. Painting sheep myself at the moment. Misty morning with sheep…..

    1. I’ll be at Patching next year again, and am sure some of my flock will follow me down :-)
      Saw your misty morning with sheep on Facebook — looking good! They’re fun creatures to paint, aren’t they!

      1. Yes, but hoping do your course at Higham Hall next year so you could bring some then!
        Have to travel these days to see sheep. Not like living in the west of Ireland….. These were in Oxfordshire a few weeks ago.

        1. I hope you do come to Higham Hall — it’s going to be a fun, creative week mixing exploring expressive techniques and materials! I’m writing the course description at the moment. And I will have some of my small sheep paintings with me — everything for Patchings in fact as I’m not going back to my studio inbetween Higham and Patchings.

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