Update on My Sheep Trio Painting

Here are a few details from the sheep painting I’ve been working on (see work-in-progress photos), as well as an overall photo. It’s now at the “don’t fiddle with it” stage, put to one side where I can see it but not to be touched unless I’m going to do something very specific. I particularly like the texture* on the sheep, which catches the light at certain angles.

Detail: Sheep Painting Texture

Detail: Distant Cliffs and Hill Painting

Detail: Flowers in Foreground of Sheep Painting
Detail from the left-hand corner of the foreground.
Size: 1x1m. Acrylic on Canvas.
Size: 1x1m. Acrylic on Canvas.

*The texture was created using Golden’s Light Molding Paste

One Reply to “Update on My Sheep Trio Painting”

  1. This is for me a perfect example of a surrealist painting: hallucinated lights, heads without eyes (an odd feature that deserves a specific article, I have my ideas on the subject…), transparent sea as a vertiginous mirror, menacing sky as in El Greco’s Tolede view, bodies of sheeps and white flowers as overexposed white fireworks and at last these black heads as made of charcoal, reminding me of the black dust-covered amphoras in Pompei after the eruption…Technically, I am fascinated by the wonderful composition so well balanced leading our eyes from the sheeps and flowers to gradually the sky. But I do not know why, we like to come back again to the sea in order to find through its unexplainable transparency possible answers to our world, so opaque…And the sinusoidal face of the cliffs on the other side of the sea seem to sing a mute song coming from another word. Yes this painting is definitely a surrealist one!

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