Video: Four Of My Attempts

This video is a speeded up version (eight times faster than real life) of four of the paintings I’ve done with this month’s Tall Trees painting project as the starting point. I’m using acrylic ink (no prizes for guessing it’s Payne’s grey) and DIY watercolour “ink” (hematite genuine and undersea green, both distinctive Daniel Smith colours).

If you’re a Project Subscriber, you should already have received the link to the real-time video of the first of these paintings, or go here. As a celebration of summer (or the thought of summer if you’re in the southern hemisphere), I’ve set the real-time video so that If you become a patron today via Patreon, including at the $2/month level, you’ll be able to watch this.

Which do you prefer? Speeded-up or real-time, a bit of both or speeded-up a little? Post a comment and let me know.

4 Replies to “Video: Four Of My Attempts”

  1. I loved the video as is. Very inspiring! I might like to see a still of your materials before each segment, but otherwise, I can’t think of anything I’d change.

    1. That’s a good idea! Might have to take it afterwards as I don’t always know what I’m going to use…

  2. I think if I had to choose I’d go for speeded up versions – love watching the work fill the page!

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