Video Painting Demo: Arboreal Abstract

Look over my shoulder in “real time” as I paint an abstract following the instructions for this painting project. Inspired by thin tree trunks, I think of this as an “arboreal abstract” or colourful barcode, though a friend has suggested it might be book spines on a shelf.

I start with acrylic ink, then use acrylic tube paint, mostly transparent colours, with masking tape to block off areas. Last layers have titanium white and iridescent pearl. (Apologies for the bit of camera strap in the shot top right!)

Colours used:
Payne’s Grey (Daler Rowney FW acrylic ink)
Transluscent/Transparent Orange (PO71, Schmincke)
Phthalo Turquoise (PB16, Schmincke)
Primary Yellow (PY / PY73 /PW6, Golden)
Iridescent Pearl Fine (Golden)
Titanium White (Golden)
Atrament Black (PBk31, Schmincke)
Iridescent Gold (Liquitex acrylic ink)

Cradled, unprimed wood panel A4 size
Masking tape from a DIY store
Brushes: Rosemary & Co

2 Replies to “Video Painting Demo: Arboreal Abstract”

  1. WOW! Marion.. thank you for sharing… I realize that I do not follow directions very well. re-reading the directions and following along with your video was enlightening. I have a background waiting for me, will continue with your video in mind and see what comes out. I am enjoying the chaotic nature of the paintings and the masking tape is fun way to make changes. thank you…

    1. The instructions could really just be “transparent colours initially, lots of vertical stripes, be patient enough for paint to dry between colours”! And keep going, don’t stop too early. Have fun!

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