Video: Tall Trees Painting

This video shows me painting on the middle of my trio of tall trees from yesterday’s blog. I used an unfinished seascape with texture paste, starting with yellow acrylic ink which I knew was transparent enough to turn the blues to greens. I had the canvas sideways so I could easily reach edge to edge, rather than having to stretch across it.

The in-house art critic asked how I decide where to put the “blobs of colour”. The answer “I know it’s only to go on the trunk and just random” is inadequate, apparently, so I’ll be trying to figure it out more and put it into words.

2 Replies to “Video: Tall Trees Painting”

  1. Loved it, especially the part where you added the orange, it really made it pop!! The painting turned out really good with the warm colors against the cool background. Please make more of these videos!

    1. I’m planning to do more now our internet is a bit faster and upload doesn’t take quite so long.

      That orange was a random on in a Pebeo sample set bought one year at Patchings Art Festival, which I’ve grown to love. It’s labelled vermillion but seems far more orange than other vermillions I’ve encountered

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