Waiting for the Perfect Wave Painting

I’ve been working with fluid paint creating some small wave paintings, depictions of memories of watching and waiting for the perfect wave.

Four Small Waves Paintings by Skye Scottish Artist Marion Boddy-Evans
Each of these is 15x15cm.

The enjoyment and challenge are in the dance between the deliberate (where I place each colour), the not-quite-controlled (how much paint I apply), and the mostly-beyond-my-control (how the colours intermingle). The properties of the individual pigments have an influence: their opacity, obviously, but some also tend to pull over others more strongly, and others spread more enthusiastically when you break the surface tension with a spray of water.

Like waiting on the shore for the perfect wave, each “this is it” moment leads you to anticipate the next, which is why there isn’t only one painting but a series. And why there shall be more.

Colours: Titanium white, cerulean blue, indigo, phtlalo blue and teal on a coloured ground of Prussian blue hue mixed with a little orange, which shifts it to a cool, steely blue.

Detail: Four Small Waves

Detail: Four Small Waves

Detail: Four Small Waves

3 Replies to “Waiting for the Perfect Wave Painting”

  1. Hi Marion, this is a question not a comment, I’ve come across the art speak work, “object oriented” does this just mean that one is creating an art piece of, or representing an object or????

    1. My understanding is that is about representational (realistic) art, about real objects, rather than abstracts that are about colour, or pattern. Artspeak for “I’m painting things.” 😉

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