White or Black or Brown or Gold?

Choices, choices…. More specifically, three small frames bought some time ago that have now made a collection by having one of my new small bloom paintings in them. (I’ll be taking these to York with me for the Live North Spring event; you’ll find me on the First floor, stand 187a.) I do like the white, but also the black, and surprise myself with how much I like the brown-and-gold, which isn’t generally my cup of tea coffee.

White frame bloom rose painting

Black frame bloom rose painting

Brown and gold frame bloom rose painting

8 Replies to “White or Black or Brown or Gold?”

  1. I reckon they each work. It depends on the colours & depths of shade of the paintings you place in them, too, doesn’t it? I reckon you have chosen which painting to go in each frame. The very red flower might not look anywhere near as good in the brown-gold frame, whereas it really pops in the black.

    Also, was it you or someone you posted on facebook who said that they never framed their pics because their taste in frames was not necessarily the taste of their buyers. From the comment I gathered that *if* one was going to sell one’s paintings already framed, then one ought to at least consider trying a frame that would not normally be to one’s taste because 1. It might be really enjoyed by someone else and 2. It might work really well with a particular painting.

    1. I did try to choose paintings that fitted the frame. The red in the black was the first one; I think the strong black wants a strong, bold colour. I love the white, and surprised myself by how much I like the brown and gold which isn’t usually my type of frame. Generally I don’t sell framed paintings because it’s a whole extra level of choice, but with these little rose paintings I painted a whole bunch (!) and have most simply in mounts, but think that if you’re buying one as a present for someone it’d be nice to give it framed. What I will probably end up doing at Skyeworks is having some frames that people can buy if they wish.

    1. Brown/gold would usually not be something I’d go for, but I surprised myself by how much I like it; it tells me it’s about the painting + frame, not the frame alone!

  2. I like the ‘Brown and Gold’ best although all are good for their displayed paintings.

    1. Thanks John! I tried to choose paintings that fitted the colour of each frame, so good to know my choices are pleasing to someone else’s eye too.

  3. my partner likes the white. i don’t, too much white over powers the rose. Your choice of more older worldly rose goes well with the brown and gold. But, on saying that I like the clean lines of the black. do you place them slightly to the top for a reason?

    1. Yes, for visual balance when they’re hung; it’s an optical illusion but if you centre it, it can appear to have less space at the bottom than top when hung. Traditionally a mounted image has a wider border at the bottom than the top; Pre-cut mounts in frames are equal width, presumably because it’s cheaper to produce (and people won’t contact customer services about ‘unequal edges’). But like everything, it’s a matter of preference and choice. I like it slightly off-centre, but didn’t measure it, just judged it by eye.

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