The (Somewhat Delayed) Word Prompt Charts for October

A little late because I was off-island for a workshop without my computer, but here are some Word Prompt Drawing Charts for October. My thanks to everyone for sharing, it really is fascinating looking at all the drawings, all the ideas from the same word. My favourites include Eddie’s #18 Jam-packed, Tessa’s #14 Stranger, Amelie’s #8 Hedgehog and #24 Beanstalk, and Margaret’s #28 Phonia. That one of the #12 chickens is presented as dinner also caught my eye!

From Eddie, who said: “Some of these had me scratching my head.”

Word Prompts for Drawing October

From Tessa, working in black ink “with touches of colour”.

And from Amelie (age 7), Tessa’s granddaughter:

Word Prompt drawing chart by Amelie

From Margaret, who said: “Struggled with phobia until I realised that there were quite a few items on the sheet that could be phobias — so the pink squiggly thing is supposed to be a brain.”

Word Prompt Drawings Chart by Margaret

Art Workbook: 365 Word Prompts to Create a Daily Drawing Habit book by Marion Boddy-EvansIf you’d like to have a go with November’s word prompt chart, you can download it here. I also still have some copies of my book version available, buy online here.

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