Word Prompt Charts: Photos of September’s & October’s to Print and Paint

Another month of beautiful and inspiring results!

From Jerry: “Some good words for creative thought.”
Word Prompt Charts

From Tessa: “The yoyo had to be big to cover a mark made by chocolate. Looking forward to October’s one and the rest of the chocs.”
September Word Drawing Chart Marion

From Eddie: “Lots of interesting stuff as usual.”
September Word Drawing Chart

From Margaret: “This month quite a few of my drawing went outside the lines. I thought about doing an A3 chart but then I’d get too detailed so I’m spreading where required. I think my animals are getting better and I like my dragonfly (7). My rhino (24) looks a little smooth and friendly. I’ve also learned what a kudu is (10). Not sure that my yoyo (29) would even yo. Printer’s printing Oct sheet as I write.”
September Word Drawing Chart Marion

September Word Drawing Chart Marion
By Marion

And mine. For which I am fighting the urge to write defensive words about why so many blocks are empty and why I’ve used mostly just black pen, but that’s not in the spirit of this challenge, it’s about the doing more days than not to whatever level. I realised looking at the photo that I didn’t follow through the thought of punching a pencil through the page for “torn” (6). :

October’s word prompt chart can be downloaded here.

Thanks for sharing everyone, and have fun with October’s!

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