31 Word Prompts to Jumpstart a Drawing Habit in 2018

I wonder how many people promised themselves a year ago that they would absolutely, definitely, cross-your-heart draw or sketch or paint every single day, and how many have promised themselves it again for 2018. If that’s you, cut yourself a little slack, forgive yourself for the failure to keep that resolution, and don’t set yourself up to fail again.

Promise yourself this instead: that you’ll draw more days than not, measured across a fortnight or a month. And let the little, quick doodles and drawings count too, not only the “serious drawings”.

To help you jumpstart a regular drawing habit, I’ve created a printable grid with a daily word prompt (download it). It gives a suggestion and a space for a tiny drawing, which you could do quickly while you wait for the kettle to boil or on hold on the phone.

Draw-prompts-Jan2018-MBEDon’t over-think or over-complicate it, just do something, there’s no right or wrong. The first block is straightforward — you up for this, yes or no?

Send me a photo of your grid at the end of January and I’ll post it on my blog with next month’s word prompts. No prizes, not even if you do all the blocks earlier, it’s a long-distance race not a sprint, about building artistic stamina and habit one small step at a time.

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  1. printed off word-prompts on A4 by using control/print on keyboard, only way I could work out, but I’m not too savvy. Great, thanks.

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