Work-in-Progress: Cliff Edge #2

I had promised the in-house art critic I wouldn’t touch this painting for a week (this is where I left it) but looking at it at lunchtime I knew what I would do next, and we’d discussed it extensively, so I played the exception card. (The rule being: don’t fiddle with a painting that is unresolved, wait until you have something definite in mind.)

First up, I darkened the sea, particularly the lower section, using Prussian blue mixed with varying quantities of glazing medium. I wanted what was already there to still show through, hence the glazing medium. Then I added a bit more white on top again at the shoreline. Using leftover white mixed with glazing medium, I introduced some mist. I did this in two rounds, starting cautiously, asking the in-house art critic’s opinion, then adding some more. There are also a few more sheep and some birds, though too small to see in this photo.

I’m now back into “don’t touch it mode”, pondering whether it’s finished or not. I suspect it might be.

Work in Progress: Cliff Edge #2
Acrylic on canvas. 122x60cm

5 Replies to “Work-in-Progress: Cliff Edge #2”

  1. I live on the island of Korcula in a deserted bay in the Adriatic Sea. Island full of light and vibrant colors but almost envy you the beautiful grayness

  2. Antun, Skye is influenced by the warm Gulf Stream and blue skies/bright light are common! The seasonal variations are fabulously inspiring and varied.

  3. There is a wonderful mood to this painting. The flecks of orange a nice touch. The misty feeling of being by the sea is very effectively captured. I love it just the way it is!

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