Work-in-Progress: Sheep in Reds

This commissioned painting requested sheep standing in a landscape with an autumnal feel, dominated by reds and browns. I will have another few rounds with it, but first it needs to dry completely. I already know I need to add white to the sheep, some ‘pure white’ to sit on on top of the wet-in-wet mixed colours, and work on the sea more. I also need to decide if there’s too much red, whether it wants more autumnal yellows and browns. That I’ll decide by looking at it in various lights, and once the sheep have another layer of wool on them.

Sheep Painting with Reds in Progress (January 2014)
Size: 75x75cm
Detail from Sheep Painting in Progress by Marion Boddy-Evans
Detail from the painting.

4 Replies to “Work-in-Progress: Sheep in Reds”

  1. I love it that you post images of your works in progress. It is so interesting to see how the paintings develop, and to read about your thoughts as you contemplate the next step in the process.

  2. Marion, Your sheep are amazing even in their unfinished state. So many intriguing details and layers… It will be really interesting to see how they turn out. (I’m sure you can imagine that sheep hold a special place in my heart…)

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