Workshop Photos: Intro to Acrylics

I had such an enjoyable, rewarding workshop this week, an introduction to water-based mediums with a father and son. On Tuesday we explored water-soluble pencils, black ink and watercolour. Yesterday, after a warm up of two-minute continuous-line drawings of a couple of manikins, we did a little on colour theory using watercolour and the colour triangle approach rather than circle, then opened the tubes of acrylic.

Colours used: phthalo blue, phthalo turquoise, golden ochre, primary yellow, magenta, titanium white, perylene green, Prussian blue, ultramarine blue. Tools: flat brush, splatter coarse-hair brush, water spray, paper towel, bit of old credit card, fingers, gravity. Surface: 6×7″ canvas, one with a magenta ground on it, the other white. Results: Inspiring!

Workshop: Intro to Acrylics

Workshop: Intro to Acrylics

Workshop: Intro to Acrylics 3

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