Monday Motivator: Creativity is a Living Force

Creativity is a living force that flows through the maker and expresses itself in beauty that does not need to justify itself.

But in the Rationalism-drenched world there is a deep conditioning to the effect that everything must be explained, that beauty has no intrinsic value unless it can be intellectualised, that creatives need to pin down their work like butterflies on a board to provide a straightforward “this symbolises that” equation their intellectual superiors can grasp.

But this is a lie. That’s not how reality works, let alone the vaster reality creatives dwell in. You can fill a bucket to have a neatly defined portion of seawater to scrutinise, but only a fool would think this is a satisfying summation of the ocean.

Joumana Medlej, Zafimaniry Geometry, Caravanserai

The “hidden” meaning is that the creator enjoyed the challenge of making it, and that this is embedded in the piece too.

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